Nerf Rebelle Giveaway Blogger Opp

Enter the Nerf Rebelle Prize-pack Giveaway from Coupon Crazy Mommy!

Winner receives a box FULL of Nerf Rebelle gear! Guns, tattoos, bracelets, and plenty of Nerf dart ammo!

nerf pair nerf refill

I must warn you that these have plastic tipped darts that sting a little on bare skin, be careful for the eyes!

The packages do say Ages 8+ and although a child younger than that can operate the toys, I think for safety reasons, the 8+ age range is a pretty good idea.

My girls loved setting up rows of toys and knocking them over to practice their aim. I like that most of the guns  had a place to store the extra darts.

We are (not so patiently) awaiting some warmer weather so we can use them outside too.

One lucky reader will receive a Nerf Rebelle pair and dart ammo refill along with some coupons for more! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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