Looking for bloggers to review and keep my jewelry for free. Check out my post. #JewelKade

Looking for bloggers to review and keep my jewelry for free. Check out my post. #JewelKade

Looking for 4 bloggers to post a review on my jewelry. My web is https://JillSeely/JewelKade.com Giveaway period April 1-14, 2014.
Option #1
Bloggers will receive a free piece of jewelry as compensation.
1) Bloggers will receive a piece of jewelry and must include photos of themselves wearing the piece on blog. (Face need not be in picture, but must link to my website.)
2) Bloggers must tweet the picture of the jewerly (Minimum of 3 times per week), post on Facebook (Minimum 3 times per week), and post a picture on your Pinterest board during the giveaway week. Pictures must link to my website.
3) Bloggers must have 1000+ fans on Facebook page, 1000+ followers on Twitter, and 500 followers on Pinterest (or a combined total of atleast 1500) to apply.
4) Blogger must state that they “received this jewelry for free as compensation for the post and that all statements made are in fact their own”.
5)Blog must also have links to the giveaway and jewelry website.
If interested, please email me at jseely1031@yahoo.com with the following links:
Name, address, email
Blog address
Facebook page
Twitter handle
Pinterest profile
If chosen, I will email you with all links, some pictures, and Tracking number for jewelry. I will also follow, like, etc your page and put your button on my blog for the giveaway period.
Bloggers chosen will also take part in the giveaway by linking up with my Rafflecopter giveaway!
Option #2
If you are not chosen, or do not have enough followers, please think about joining in my Rafflecopter giveaway!
Bloggers can get one link on my Rafflecopter (Twitter follow, Facebook page like) for free with a post linking to the giveaway and a daily tweet during the giveaway period.
Bloggers can get more links for $5 PayPal to jseely1031@yahoo.com. Email me at jseely1031@yahoo.com once payment has been made.


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