Afrin Review

I was sent a sample of Afrin for being a fabulous BzzAgent to try out and review on my blog. I was very skeptical. I had never used a nasal spray before and wasn’t sure I wanted to! But last week, I got some type of virus and gave in. I was congested and the post nasal drip was giving me an awful couogh so I gave it a try. The first spray was not very pleasant, I didn’t think I could continually put something in my nose. But it gave me such fast relief that I didn’t mind trying it again for the second time. A day later, I was a pro! So being a skeptic I wasn’t sure a nasal spray sucj as Afrin was for me, but when you dont feel good, sometimes you’ll try nything to get releif and I’m glad I did.

If you would like more information on the new line of no-drip nasal sprays from Afrin, click here!

*I received this product and coupons for being a BzzAgent in exchange for publishing this post. No money was exchanged. All thoughts are completely my own.


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