Littlest Pet Shop Viewing Party Review! @HubTVNetwork

I was lucky enough to be chosen for another MommyParty this week! We were given a DVD screener of the new “Littlest Pet Shop” TV show premiering on the HubTV network. It worked out great because we had a day off from school last week for Election day! I invited my daughters’ Girl Scout troop over and we had a movie party!

We all know The Littlest Pet Shop toys and we were super excited to hear that there would be a new TV show! It is about a teen girl named Blythe  Baxter and begins with her move to the big city. Here she learns that she can communicate with the animals in the Littlest Pet Shop in her building. She becomes friends animals like a hedgehog and panda and they embark on fun musical adventures. The second episode was about Blythe saving the Pet Shop by creating a Littlest Pet Shop fashion show.

I printed out the coloring pages and word finds from for the girls to do while we waited for everyone to arrive.

We moved the furniture in the living room and made a “movie viewing room” with pillows, blankets and chairs.

My daughter set up all of her Littlest Pet Shop toys as decorations and to show the girls.



We had a healthy lunch followed by games. We also  used our masks included in the prize pack.



We also  used our masks included in the prize pack.



The girls finished up their day by decorating cupcakes for a snack.


The girls at the party ranged from 3 to 11 years old and they all enjoyed it very much. I used the Chapsticks and hairbrushes included in the party pack in Goodie bags as a “Thank You” for coming over.

Thanks to MommyParties, the Hub TV Network and The Littlest Pet Shop for the great party!

I received these gifts in exchange for a posted review. All opinions are solely my own.


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