Letters from the North Pole for less than $1 each!


Need to brighten your child’s day or restore their hope in ‘ol Saint Nick?

Try this neat little trick to get your kids a personalized, handwritten letter from Santa this year! Of course you’ll want to first have your child “write” a letter to Santa so you can pick up a few tips when you later craft Santa’s reply.

It’s important to note that the letter “from” Santa is really a letter written to your child by you, but since it is postmarked from the North Pole, It’ll seem just like the real thing!

Write a note out to your child from “Santa”. It may help to have someone else write the note since your child may recognize your handwriting.

Put that note in an envelope addressed to your child with a return address of “The North Pole”. Place a regular postage stamp on that envelope. Seal the envelope.

Put the sealed envelope inside another stamped envelope. Make sure this envelope isn’t bulging, or it might not make it there. If you can, it is a good idea to make the inner envelope a 4×6 size envelope for example and the outer envelope a 5×7 size for example.

Address the larger (outer) envelope to the mailing address below:

  • North Pole Christmas Cancellation 
  • Postmaster
  • 5400 Mail Trial
  • Fairbanks, AK 99709-9998

The postmark stamp on the envelope with the letter from Santa Claus inside (the outer envelope gets thrown away after it’s opened) that gets mailed back to your home will say “North Pole”. Slam dunk! How cool is that?!

Send out this letter no later than December 15th to receive your letter from Santa before Christmas. In fact, I’d recommend a lot sooner, maybe by the end of November so you can assure you get it in time.

There you go, 2 stamps, less than $1!

I saw this on Couponcravings.com and shared with my readers. This is not my post, but I had to share. Thanks!


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