Pinterest Party!

Looking for a way to try all those great things you’ve been pinning on Pinterest?

I’m throwing a Pinterest Party so we ladies can get together and try out those recipes and crafts we’ve been dying to try.

How it will work:

Each person must bring either a food or drink item to share or craft supplies to make our favorite Pinterest pins. I have a date of December 2, 2012 but I am still looing for a location near Waterbury, CT that is FREE and will accommodate us. A school cafeteria or church hall would be great. Let me know if you have any ideas. As the date gets closer and we decide our final votes, I will split up what is needed and let you know what to bring and how many people will be coming. I will set up a sign up sheet well in advance.

You’ve got one month to pin and “like” on my board and I will have one month to split up the needed materials, make a list, and give you time to sign up and purchase.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:


Either RSVP on my Facebook page event here (!/events/402391543161943/?context=create), email me,  or leave a comment on this blog post and I will add you to the list. I don’t care who comes, but they MUST RSVP TO ME! It’s only fair that if you come, you bring something, so I will need to add you to our supply list. Also, I need to be sure we will have enough space, tables, chairs, etc to accommodate everyone.

2. Start pinning!

You can “like” and add pins to my Pinterest Party page here ( You will need to be invited to add a pin, so leave me a comment for me to add you. “Like” and comment on pins that you want to see at the party. We will use the most popular pins with comments and “likes” to decide what to eat, drink, and make at the party. If you aren’t on Pinterest, you should be, but you can still come!

3. Keep updated!

Make sure I have your email for updates, follow my Pinterest Party board, and “like” my Facebook fan page as well.

4. Get the word out!

Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc! The more the merrier! There is no cost to come, you only need to help by bringing a food or drink to share or craft supplies.

5. Please, no children.

Hey, we all need an excuse to get away!

Email me with any question, comment, or ideas!


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