Girl Scout Hiker badge

I’ve decided to start doing some posts about my Girl Scout activities. I know that starting out can be very hard and coming up with activites can be difficult as well. To start, I have two age groups in my troop, Daisys and Brownies. We are currently working on our World of Water journey with the Brownies and the Daisys are earning their petals as well as working on their Daisy Road Trip journey learning about nature.

We discussed appropriate footwear and how to be prepared for a hike. We mentioned sunblock and bug spray. Also the importance of staying hydrated. I packed our first aid kit and showed them a few of the items in it.  

Yesterday we went to a local nature center and did a nature walk. We started by putting out a picnic blanket and making a bag of trail mix (or GORP as Girl Scouts call it). I brought many items to chose from and let them chose whatever items they liked. Here’s what I brought:

banana chips

chocolate chips


shelled sunflower seeds

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal

Smores and Vanilla Goldfish crackers

peanuts (we have no allergies in our troop, but be sure to double check yours)

pretzel sticks

It had a good sweet and salty mix!

We planned the activity by printing out a maps of the walking trails and chosing a trail to follow. I also packed a scavenger hunt activity that I got from Pinterest (here) and we split into teams of 3 (1 adult per team). We spaced our hikers out a little so they each had a chance to spot things on our walk.

I also gave each group a plastic shopping bag to use in case they spotted any trash on their walk. We always discuss the importance of leaving a place better than we found it. We also had the groups take pictures of the items on thier camera phones to show instead of actually gathering the items. We know we are supposed to leave nature as we found it.

Overall we had a great afternoon! The girls collected a few old bottles of water from the trail and we even spotted a fuzzy caterpillar!


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