My sneaky Kashi Chocolate Soft-Baked Squares Review











Being a member of MomsMeet, I had the opportunity to sample the new Kashi chocolate soft-baked squares. (I told my kids they were brownie bars.) I was happy reading the package that, like all other Kashi foods, it has whole grains, is naturally sweetened, and has good things in it (fiber and omega-3’s).

I didn’t let my kids see the package, I just said, “Here try these new brownies.”


My middle daughter loved how chocolatey they were-she needed some milk! They still have no idea there were vegetables in there (sweet potatoes and beans!!!!) Please understand, my middle daughter is the pickiest ever. She only eats from two food groups: chicken nuggets and peanut butter. So, to get her to eat and actually like something healthy is great for me–even if she doesnt know it.

Us Moms have to be sneaky sometimes-sorry kids, you’ll appreciate it later.


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