Today’s Target haul! $54.28 in savings!

So here’s a photo from today’s Target haul. All this for $28.87 (not including the $5 gift card I got for my purchases)- a savings of $54.28! Woo-hoo to me!

Here’s what I got:

2 Glade fragrance sprays

2 Glade oil diffusers

4 Honest Tea iced teas

6 2-packs of Roseart glue sticks

2 2-packs of Carmex lip gloss

Almay eyeshadow and eye makeup remover pads

Cover Girl mascara

Cover Girl eyeshadow

2 2-packs of OralB toothbrushes

Colgate toothpaste

2 Lysol spray cleaners

3 Poptarts

Hersheys syrup

Carnation Instant Breakfast

Hefty ziplock bags

2 packs of Dixie paper plates

Considering the Hersheys syrup was almost $5 and I had no coupon-yikes- I think I did great! 33 items at $28.87 – $5 gift card = Like paying $0.72 each!!

That’s better than shopping at the Dollar Store for name brand items! 

By using coupons, looking for great clearance finds, and getting Gift Cards back, it makes sense to take the time to look for those bargains, and ALWAYS bring your coupons in the store, you never know when a great deal is gonna jump out at you! Thats what happened with the Carmex clearance for $1.70 and the Almay clearance for $2.30-I had no coupon, which would have been sweet, but I’m not passing it up!


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