Target coupon tutorial

Well, I had a great vacation with my family, but I’m back to share my Oh-so-caluable knowledge with you. Today I’m going to fill you in on my favorite store (and probably yours too) Target!

If you didn’t know already Target allows you to stack one of their coupons with a manufacturers coupon for the same item! I have gotten so many items for free or almost free that it just shocks me! Add that to a clearance sticker, and I’m one happy Mama! 

Target coupons are available on their website-just click coupons and check the ones you want. You can also find them in the Sunday paper, but it’s not often. Some come mailed in booklets, but it’s a mystery as to who gets them and why. My mother gets them all the time and doesn’t really shop there, but I’ve never gotten one and shop there all the time.

One of my favorite blogs is Totally Target. They are constantly updating clearance and mark down items, coupon matchups, Daily Deals, and links to all things Target. They are in my favorites and I go there before every Target trip.

So go take a look at what’s available and find a manufacturers coupon to stack, then get a great deal-so easy! My next post will fill you in on the best ways to get coupons, so check back soon!


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