Best Family Money Saving Sites

Today I am going to share my favorite money saving sites for families. I have 3 kids so going anywhere the price adds up fast. I love using sites like Groupon, livingsocial, and Eversave for tickets to shows, movies, and admissions to zoos and theme parks. It’s free to sign up, then you can customise the emails and types of deals you are interested in and deals located near you. Plus, on Groupon, if you link with your social networks (twitter. facebook, etc) or email your friends and family and 4 other people buy the deal (for livingsocial its only 3 people), yours is free! What’s better than that? You can even refer friends and once they purchase something, you get a $10 credit. How’s this idea:plan an easy¬†family vacation. Get some friends and family together, grab a deal and have them purchase a weekend getaway after you and yours is free! Then treat them to an amazing dinner to even it up! Check it out! I’m sure you’ll love it.


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